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A story that re-defines the idea of after-sale service.

When a Newcastle grandmother’s car was ruined by a severe storm last week, she got in touch with the dealer who sold it to her, two decades earlier… and what happened next will surprise you.




Most Helpful & Genuine

Hi Mark,

Just home now after showing off my car to my son.

Got a tick of approval.

I love it❣️

Truly was a pleasure to meet you too.

You are the most helpful & genuine Car Dealer I've ever met, & I've met a few!

My new girlie is tucked into bed now & I'll get her insured in the morning.
Thank you so much for looking after me.

Kindest regards,
Linda Hasting


Highly Recommend

I wish to express my gratitude to Mark for the recent service he provided me and my wife in purchasing a family vehicle. We gave Mark our wish list, and he delivered on a great little Honda CRV. He went above and beyond to source the vehicle and constantly kept us informed on the process from finding the vehicle thru to delivery.

Mark is very affable and enjoys obtains a result for his customers. I highly recommend Mark to anyone looking for a quality vehicle………you will not be disappointed!

Kevin Buckley


Strongly Recommend Mark and Lambton Auto Centre

I am more than happy with Marks willingness to please. Mark went beyond the norm to make the purchase of my SL350 Mercedes happen. I live in Queensland and purchasing a car interstate is quite worrying, especially when you can’t see the car in person and test drive the car. Mark even did a video of the car showing the roof opening and all electrics working.

As everyone knows when purchasing a car it is important to have stamped service books, this car had the service books however they were not filled out by the previous owner, ( this is not the owners fault, I blame the Mercedes Dealer). Mark checked with the Mercedes Dealer had the service books sent to the Dealer in Sydney had them stamped and brought up to date. Mark even put me in touch with the previous owner who was so proud of her car. (This is unheard of)

The car was everything Mark ensured me it was. Excellent condition one owner 10 out of 10 car. I would strongly recommend Mark and Lambton Auto Centre to any person looking to purchase a motor vehicle.

Mark even had the car re-detailed even though it was going on a transporter to Queensland. That is the sort of person Mark is.

I am a very happy customer.

Kev Brady


Variety of Quality, Clean & Well-maintained Cars

Dear Mark,

Thank you very much for your assistance in buying a car for my wife. The cars you have offered and your guidance was very much appreciated.

Looking for a car for my wife I had to explore all options: Carsales.com.au, Autotrader.com.au, other websites, auctions, and dealerships.

After defining the type of cars in interest to me I went to inspect the range in New Lambton Auto Centre. What impressed me most was the variety of quality, clean, and well-maintained cars going out the door in front of my eyes. It was clear to me, it is a very busy dealership supplying well-priced quality vehicles.

A week later my wife selected her car on the website and I went for a test drive. I was moved to deal with Mark and his brother – a clear, honest, and friendly approach, without the typical salesperson profession pressure to close the deal or losing interest if no decision was made at the time. Exactly opposite – I was left not to hurry with my selection or decision and opportunity to inspect or drive any car.

When we went later with my wife to purchase the car we had the opportunity to test drive any car and be confident in our final selection. After the purchase, Mark provided us with an option to upgrade the warranty of the car which for the purchased Mercedes Benz was a good option.

I would recommend everyone to come and see Mark before buying the next vehicle.

Thank you again, Mark - it was a pleasure dealing with you.

Sincerely yours.


Great car yard to deal with

Great car yard to deal with. Very easy, they did all the legwork, I turned up, the car was everything that was described and more and mark was a pleasure to work with. Thanks guys

Adrian Bradley


Absolutely amazing people

Absolutely amazing people, I met Mark and from the moment we started talking he treated me like a brother from another mother. Mark and Tony were unbelievably helpful and friendly. Tony and Mark always called me back and welcomed me into their space feeling welcome and like a family member. I can't believe how helpful they are. I saw a few other dealers and they were pushy and aggressive leaving me feeling like another number to make quick cash from. Mark and Tony made me feel like their little brother they were looking after, call it good sales skills or down to earth genuine people, they looked after me and didn't push me into doing anything.

Thank you, Tony and Mark, great to know genuine people do exist in the car sales industry

Lots of brotherly love

Darcy Mercieca


Nothing was a problem

Fabulous dealing with Mark at New Lambton Auto Centre with my son’s car. Nothing was a problem. Looked after all the little details and able to drive a new car away on the day. Will definitely be back again and have recommend to my friends. Thank you, Mark.

Lorraine Gardner


Absolutely love my new car

Absolutely love my new car and Mark was a pleasure to deal with, going above and beyond to help make the whole process quick, easy and painless.

Lily Simpson-Kennedy


Amazing Deal

Tony is amazing, he helped me get an amazing deal and looked after me and my family well.

Shannon Brown